If you want to have beautiful skin, try curbing the consumption of these products in your diet!

  1. Dairy –

Scientists are not yet on the same page here, but they are increasingly more accepting of the idea that milk is one of the major reasons for acne.



  1. White flour products –

Our beloved macaroni, white bread, wheat flour pastry, crackers, etc. All those products trigger an insulin spike, which contributes to premature skin aging and acne.



  1. Juice –

Any kind of ready-made juice you buy! Reason: plenty of sugar. Go for fresh juice, if you must, but don’t overindulge for it still has a high sugar content.

  1. Sugar-free soda –

It contains sugar substitutes that cause insulin release and kill a number of bacteria essential for the complete breakdown and removal of toxins. Lack of these bacteria not only may lead to acne but also to premature wrinkles.



  1. Alcohol –

Alcohol dehydrates skin and rids it of vital nutrients, which leads to its premature aging.


Be beautiful!


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