We continue to talk about different shapes of buttocks.Today we will find out about heart and triangle shapes.





Statistically, “heart-shaped” bottoms are correlated with estrogen deficiency. If this condition is not yet present, it will occur during adult life… The lack of female hormones in children slows down the development of:

– mammary glands;

– female genital organs;

– skeleton.

Post-pubescent teens deficient in estrogen experience the following symptoms:

– shrinkage of the mammary glands (after the breasts have grown, they may begin to get smaller);

– absence of the menstrual cycle or menstrual disorders;

– shrinkage of the uterus.

In women of child-bearing age, estrogen deficiency usually manifests itself in:

– sudden mood changes

– “coldness” in bed;

– irregular menstrual cycles;

– cramps;

– insomnia;

– performance impairment;

– memory loss;

– skin problems.

Exercises recommended for “heart-shaped” butts:

To try and fix the situation, you need to begin with proper nutrition. This means favoring the products that contain phytoestrogens (non-steroidal plant-derived hormones whose structure is similar to human-produced hormones). They include:

– soy and soy-based products (milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, flour);

– other types of legumes (kidney beans, fava beans, peas);

– animal-source products (meat, dairy, fish oil);

– vegetables and fruits (carrot, tomato, eggplant, crimson grape, pumpkin, cauliflower and Brussels sprout);

– coffee.

Naturally, in addition to proper diet you need to practice all kinds of squat variations at home. An even better (and more effective!) solution would be to start going to pilates classes.




Females with a “triangular” butt, just like those with a “heart-shaped” one, struggle with estrogen deficiency.

This may cause sudden mood changes, insomnia, irregular periods, low libido, and fatigue.

To fix the issue, it is essential to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits (carrot, tomato, eggplant, crimson grape, pumpkin, cauliflower and Brussels sprout).

It is also necessary to avoid hormonal contraceptives. Otherwise, a risk of infertility will arise, which will lead to the need for hormonal treatment.

Exercises recommended for “triangular” butts:

You need to do exercises for muscle gain in the lower buttocks. Those include different variations of weighted squats. The best option here is to use dumbbells. Also, stretching is a must (alternate bends with a leg in a forward lunge).



And remember, whatever butt you may have, the most important thing is to keep it away from trouble! :))



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