Has it ever occurred to you that the shape of a backside can say quite a lot about its owner?


In this article, we will try to shed some light and clarify certain aspects which your rear end can reveal about you.

That’s right… Surprisingly enough, the shape of a female butt is usually directly linked to the hormonal level and health of its owner. It follows that there’s plenty of things you can find out by simply passing by or taking a closer look at a woman with a square, circular, heart-shaped, or triangular bottom…

Well, let’s take a closer look together.

Females with square-shaped buttocks have strong health and endurance. Unfortunately, not everyone likes this variation, and many women possessing this geometry dream of a more rounded shape.

Exercises recommended for “square” butts:

If you’re one of those with a “square” in the rear part and you don’t like your backside geometry, first of all we recommend doing active leg exercises while lying on your side.

Even simple leg raises will be beneficial and effective. Besides leg raises, stretches and bends will also be of great help. Exercises and leg stretching are what will change the appearance of a “square”  bottom.

Those who have a circle-shaped butt can boast perfectly balanced hormonal profile.

This butt shape is favored by 95% of men! And the majority of women prefer to have a rounded bottom, too.

This statistics and the love of this geometry is due to the fact that women with rounded hips usually give birth to smart and healthy children.

Men pay attention to circular butts, as it means easier delivery for their owners. This is a matter of procreation, and men (however strange it may sound to some women!) do think about it as well.

Exercises recommended for “circular” butts:

To tone your buttocks, you can do a simple variation of squats, Bulgarian split squats (squatting with one leg in a forward lunge), and bridges (a back-bend exercise to develop spine flexibility, improve posture, and strengthen arm, leg, and butt muscles).

See you next week…




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