First off, let us look into what kind of major body types exist. These are: the ‘triangle’, ‘hourglass’, ‘oval’, ‘rectangle’, and ‘inverted triangle’.


The ‘triangle’ body type is one of the most common ones.

Women with such a figure usually have a well-defined waist, a flat stomach, and a rather big lower body bone structure. Keep in mind that the bigger the weight, the more defined the triangular body shape is.

This is why women with such a body type should not overindulge in sweeties. The triangle body type is triggered by estrogen, a female sex hormone which causes sugar cravings. Fat and spicy foods should also be avoided as much as possible. Ladies, the more you’ll treat yourselves to sweet, fat, and spicy foods, the more emphasized your triangle will get!

We recommend eating a diet of grains, vegetables, and fruits.


The ‘hourglass’ is a classic female body type.

Women with an hourglass figure have a hip line and bust line of the same width, while their waist is narrow and defined. Any excess weight tends to settle on hips, thighs, and breasts. Fat loss commonly occurs proportionally  around all body parts.

It is advised to limit consumption of fats and sweets, as this figure is the most resistant to weight loss.

We recommend slow carbohydrates: grains, potato, dairy, fish, vegetables, and fruits.


The ‘oval’ body type.

Women with this type of figure have a rather slim upper body and legs but a visible juicy tummy in the midsection.

Excess calories end up around the stomach, lower back, and upper part of the hips.

Women with an oval body shape should limit consumption of fried food, bakery, and fast-food, which is what causes the tummy to grow.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fish, and soy products.


Be beautiful and healthy.


We’ll continue next week…


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