Today we’ll talk about our biologically active food supplement Halo Chocoseen.

Halo Chocoseen is a delicious chocolate drink for us and our kids; it is an essential complex of vitamins and minerals in an individual daily dose.

The drink contains:


Vitamin A – one of the principal infection fighters, great for the prevention of viral diseases.


Vitamin B complex – the team responsible for energy production from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats contained in food, hemoglobin synthesis, skin condition, and the functioning of our nervous system.


Folic acid – an important nutritional component for pregnant women, essential for normal fetal development and preventing various birth defects of the nervous system.


Vitamin D – effective for preventing osteoporosis.


Vitamin C – one of the most potent immune system stimulants, which makes it crucial for the prevention of almost any disease, whether it’s colds, high blood pressure, oncological conditions, or asthma.


Halo Chocoseen is an outstanding antioxidant and immunomodulator, which:

improves memory;

– enhances comprehension skills in both adults and children.

– boost the immune system.



All you need is one Halo Chocoseen powder sachet and a glass of milk or water – and the chocolate “health cocktail” is ready!

Be healthy, vigorous, ever-young, and happy!


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