So many beautiful women around!

So much fashionable clothes for women is being sold in our shops.

But at the same time, we all see that so many women can’t build a proper wardrobe, wearing poorly fitting clothes that make their bodies look bad.

So how to dress properly? What do you have to consider first of all?


We all try to follow fashion trends, unaware of the fact that we’re all different. If a bright floral blouse and pants look good on that girl, we have to try on the same stuff! End of story!..

But it’s not that simple: picking fashionable clothes of right colors is not enough to create an individual style. You have to consider your body shape to avoid unnecessary frustration in your mirror reflections.

The modern fashion is diversified and allows us to choose the type of clothes that will flatter our body shape and meet our taste. We will try to answer the following pressing questions:

How to choose clothes properly?

How to hide your butt and tummy?

How to accentuate small breasts?

How to create an illusion of longer legs?

Remember: well-fitting clothes should conceal your downsides and highlight your best features!


“Inverted Triangle” or “Carrot” Body Shape


Women with an “inverted triangle” body shape are characterized by broad shoulders, an undefined waist, and narrow hips. Their breast size varies.

“Inverted triangles” usually have a flat butt and long slim legs.


Famous people with an “inverted triangle” body shape:

Anastasia Volochkova, Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anna Semenovich, Uma Thurman, Glukoza.


What to wear

■ To create the appearance of narrower shoulders, you should keep a distracting strip of cloth around your neck, for example a scarf.

■ Prefer V-necks and low scoop or sweetheart necklines.

■ Your skirts have to create volume to visually broaden your hips. Styles: circular, A-line, pleated, high waist.

■ Avoid short sleeves and narrow skirts: they accentuate your broad shoulders and narrow hips.

■ Your body type is the only one that goes well with horizontal-striped skirts.

■ A dark top without a bright pattern and a light bottom will make your body look proportional.

■ Tunics and crop tops will fit you just fine.

■ Ideally, your clothes should be of mid-hip length.

■ Don’t use such design elements as shoulder pads or balloon sleeves.

■ If your legs are lean, you should accentuate them, thus drawing attention away from the massive upper part. Knee length is best.


“Hourglass” Body Shape


Women with an “hourglass” body shape have balanced proportions, with defined breasts and hips of approximately the same size and a waist that is always clearly visible and makes up 75% of the hips’ size.

When women with such a body shape gain weight, fat settles around the lower half – on their buttocks and hips.

In the 18th and 19th century, the “hourglass” figure was considered the perfect female body type: women squeezed themselves into corsets to achieve this shape. Today this body shape is viewed as ideal too and is very much favored by men.


Famous people with an “hourglass” body shape:

Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansson, Monica Belucci, Tina Kandelaki, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.


What to wear

■ If you have no excess weight, you can wear practically everything.

■ The “hourglass” will look good in any style, whether it’s a sports, romantic, or business outfit.

■ Strapless tops or low-cut blouses will balance your top and bottom. If you have a lean body, tight-fitting clothes and wrap blouses and tops will highlight your waist.

■ The number one rule is: avoid baggy clothes that will hide your asset – your small waist. In this kind of clothes you will look boxy.

■ If you have beautiful legs, be sure to wear miniskirts.

■ You will look great in narrow skirts, including pencil and peg top skirts, tight-fitting pants, and leggings.

■ Don’t highlight your hips, don’t wear skirts with a large pattern or striped ones, else your butt will appear to be too big.

■  Don’t wear low-rise jeans or pants with patch pockets on the sides.

■ A pretty good choice would be to flatter your waist with an elegant belt, but be careful with very wide ones.

■ Lean women can safely use elastic knitted fabrics.



See you next week…


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