We continue to talk about how to dress properly? What do you have to consider first of all?


“Apple” Body Shape



Women with an “apple” figure have a broad waist and big breasts but relatively slim hips and legs.

The “apple” is a rounded body type. Most of the volume is situated above the hips – around the bust and the waist. The hips and shoulders are almost the same, but the waist is sometimes broader. The broadest body parts are the rib cage and back; the waist is poorly defined. The shoulder line is pretty wide.

Females with this body shape may have round or flat buttocks; the same is true of their breasts, which may be full or mid-sized. Excess weight settles mostly around the abdomen, which makes the figure look a little bit like an apple or ball.

The “apple” body shape is very tricky, so particular care is needed to choose the right clothes.


Famous people with an “apple” body shape:

Alla Pugachevа, Larisa Dolinа, Adele, Reese Witherspoon.


What to wear

■ Women with an “apple” body shape will look great in bias cut gowns. Choose monochromatic ones. Color may be added but only closer to the bottom, so that the waist will not be highlighted.

■ Avoid floaty fabrics, which flutter too much and create additional volume.

■ Any neckline is allowed: expose your neck and flatter your breasts.

■ Avoid large and puffy sleeves.

■ You will look good in tops that tightly fit your breasts and are loose around your waist. They should go lower than the waist to conceal your midsection.

■ Waistcoats will nicely complement your wardrobe and make your waist appear narrower.

■ Try layering your outfits. Monotonous ensembles of delicate colors and inconspicuous patterns will suit you in the best way possible.

■ The rule of thumb for choosing skirts and pants: go for darker tones.

■ Do not wear pencil or mini skirts – they will make you look like a ball on legs.

■ The perfect skirt length is just above the knee or mid-calf.

■ Low-rise jeans and pants are a no-no. Don’t wear breeches.

■ High-waisted pants, on the other hand, will fit you just fine and create an excellent silhouette.

■ Narrow vertical stripes will look good.

■ Avoid tight-fitting and waist-hugging clothes, as well as belts.

■ Narrow neck scarves and layered necklaces should be your preferable accessories.



“Pear” Body Shape


Women with a “pear” body shape have a heavy lower body. Their shoulders are narrow, their hips are broad, and their waist is well-defined.

There are three types of a “pear-shaped” body:

Bowling pin – mid-sized breasts, slim waist, small tummy, broad hips, and thin calves.

Bell – narrow shoulders and waist, small breasts. The waist is short, while the hips are wide and the buttocks are bulky.

Pear – small breasts, long waist, flat stomach, and heavy legs.


Famous people with a “pear” body shape:

Halle Berry, Hillary Clinton, Sandra Bullock, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Irina Allegrova, Jennifer Lopez, Jeanna Friske, Shakira.


What to wear

■ A “pear-shaped” woman’s best feature is her small waist which doesn’t depend on her height and weight. It is the feature that should be accentuated by properly building a wardrobe.

■ To achieve harmony in your body shape, attention has to be directed away from the full hips and toward the fragile upper half.

■ To create the appearance of a bigger shoulder line, choose clothing with shoulder pads or various other elements: frills, large collars, jabots and bows, patch pockets, V-necks and square necks, dolman sleeves, as well as off-the-shoulder tops and sweaters.

■ You should draw attention to your upper half by adorning your neck and cleavage area with: short chains, beads, pendants, neck kerchiefs, lapel brooches, or bright patterns in the shoulder area.

■ The lower part of your clothes should preferably be in dark tones.

■ You should dress in loose-fitting pants, tapered or straight mid-length skirts, pencil skirts.

■ A harmonious look will be achieved with tight-fitting jackets with rounded shoulders, curved lapels, and smooth edges.

■ Avoid: straight short dresses, peg top pants, low rise or tapered pants and jeans, clothes with protruding pockets on the sides or the rear, large patterns and horizontal stripes around your hips.

■ Due to the contrasting character of this body shape, particular attention should be paid to what fabrics your clothes are made of. Specifically, clothing for your upper half (cardigans, sweaters, jackets, jumpers) should generally be made of heavier fabric than your pants and skirts.

■ Pants which are straight from the hips down will create the effect of long legs.



“Rectangle” Body Shape



The “rectangle” female body shape is characterized by shoulders and hips of the same width, an undefined waist that almost disappears as weight is gained, average breasts, slim legs, straight sides, fairly flat buttocks, and a generally rectangular-looking body.

Women with this kind of figure may tend to gain weight easily, with excess kilograms accumulating mostly around the hips and abdomen, which turns the rectangle into a cube, and the more excess weight is gained, the less clear-cut the figure becomes.


Famous people with a “rectangle” body shape:

Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Milla Jovovich, Alsou, Kristina Orbakaite.


What to wear

Building your wardrobe, remember that your clothes should be styled to follow your body silhouette.

■ Females with a “rectangle” body shape look great in long sweaters, jackets, and cardigans.

■ “Rectangle-shaped” women should wear their jackets unbuttoned – this helps to balance their hips and shoulders.

■ Your skirts, jeans, and pants should be high-rise and at least knee-length.

■ Use shaping underwear: belts, high shorts, long tank tops. These wardrobe elements will help to conceal your stomach and create the appearance of a smaller waist.

■ Don’t wear tight-fitting and baggy clothes or skirts that are too narrow.

■ To create more feminine, smoother shoulder contours, use shoulder pads.

■ Elements of sportswear will also be a good option (knitted zip-up pullovers, clothes with decorative stitching).

■ A big bust can be flattered by wrap tops and blouses.

■ Recommended skirt types: circle, half circle, peg top.

■ Pants may be classic and straight or tapered.

■ Women with a lean body can accentuate their breasts and hips.


Whatever body shape you have, remember that expressive accessories, elegant shoes, well-chosen bags, long scarves, or neck kerchiefs can add attractiveness to your image.


Every body type has its problem areas which, if weight is gained, will make you look significantly worse. To avoid these unpleasant consequences, Dr. Nona recommends monitoring your weight and following a balanced diet to always remain healthy and beautiful while also being properly dressed.


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