1. The Dead Sea is a unique place, where the water surface lies 400 m below sea level. Today, the Dead Sea is 79.5 km in length, with the maximum width of 17 km.

2. The water of the Dead Sea is extremely salty and contains just about the whole periodic table. Its salt content is 31.5 %.

3.  The abundance of salts and minerals in the Dead Sea made it impossible to sustain any life in its water, hence the name. There are some exceptions, though: several species of bacteria and one type of algae do exist in the sea.

4.  The Dead Sea is inhabited by Archaebacteria, the most ancient cell on Earth, which managed to survive in the extreme conditions of the water. Throughout its life and up until now, it has been accumulating a “survival code”. Two powerful factors – the “survival code” and the salty water of the Dead Sea, which contains a large amount of potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, bromine and other biologically valuable components ­– allowed us to get the most powerful natural antioxidant.

5.  Using the benefits of Archaebacteria and the mineral complex is possible with Halo Complex™ developed by the Dr. Nona company. Halo Complex™ is an integral part of our products.

6. The mud of the Dead Sea has a special consistency, being more similar to an ointment than to clay. It is extracted from the depths of the Dead Sea.



7.  Dead Sea mud contains 3-10 times more healing substances than other sulfide muds. It has amazing therapeutic properties and is beneficial to the nervous system, blood circulation and skin quality. It cleanses the body and contributes to a better flow of blood and lymph etc.

8. Dead Sea mud is widely used in Israeli cosmetics: as body, face and hair masks. All these products are not only great skin cleansers but also enrich the skin with minerals.

9.   Natural cosmetics based on unique salts, minerals and mud of the Dead Sea has been in use since dawn of times. Artifacts have been discovered which give evidence that queen Cleopatra liked to use mud and salt from the Dead Sea for bathing.

10. Tourists from all around the world come to the Dead Sea for the treatment of lung and respiratory system diseases. Being in this unique place allows to improve metabolism and give the skin a younger look.

11. The salts of the Dead Sea contain an ecological complex of minerals and microelements, which plays a significant role in sustaining health. Like the sea water, the salts are widely used, as well.

12. Upon arrival at the beach, you can collect some mud, water and salt of the Dead Sea and even apply it at home – an example of the most natural cosmetics.



The Dead Sea’s popularity goes back a long way. Despite its ancient history, it is still popular among tourists and travelers from all over the Earth. Leading a healthy lifestyle and caring about life quality – these are the main reasons why modern people prefer natural products and cosmetics. Applying salts and mud of the Dead Sea at home is immensely beneficial at any age.

Experience the sensation of immersing yourself in the healing waters of the Dead Sea without leaving your home! Feel the pleasure and relaxation with the unique products of the Dr. Nona company!

Dr. Nona – the life force of the Dead Sea!









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