Pregnancy. It is a time of joy and worries for any woman. But as often is the case, expecting mothers are not always ready for physiological changes that occur in their organism. Commonly, hormonal readjustment influences, or rather affects, the skin.


For lack of information and knowledge, even regular acne, rashes, stretch marks and spots may cloud the joy of pregnancy. As a rule, any problems appear to be symptomatic of some disease. But it’s not as bad as it may seem. What’s most important is to ensure proper skin care, practice good hygiene and look after your future offspring.


It’s widely known that the months of pregnancy are grouped into trimesters. This is more than just a convenient way to divide 9 months. The thing is, skin hygiene needs and the organism’s reaction vary slightly depending on the trimester. Generally, however, the essential principles of skin care during pregnancy are very simple.


In the first trimester, the function of sweat and sebaceous glands decreases. As the result, the skin’s protective mechanisms weaken.

Those with oily or problematic skin will notice the changes as the acne and greasy luster fade away.

In the case of dry or normal skin, reddening, tightness or irritation may occur. But nothing to worry about! No need to panic. During the first three months you will have to moisturize your skin more thoroughly.

Don’t forget about nutrition: it is important to ensure your skin care is effective. Consume less coffee, chocolate and canned products.

Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grain food.


In the second trimester, pigment spots, moles or skin tags may appear. Don’t try to get rid of them yourself. Most often, they will fade over time.

Naturally, you shouldn’t forget the dangers of ultraviolet radiation. Don’t overindulge in sunbathing. Remember that ultraviolet rays may affect your skin and are not healthy for your baby (if exposed for too long).

Physiological changes become more visible. The stomach grows, which means the baby develops.

This rapid growth may cause stretch marks and cellulite to develop. Don’t be afraid – it doesn’t necessarily happen to everyone. Remember that the skin’s elasticity is genetic. Only when it’s inherently poor, these issues are almost inevitable.

Use skin care products that contain vitamin E. Combined with skin massage, it will help make your skin stretchier in difficult areas. Take contrast showers.


In the third trimester, facial pigmentation will develop. As you gain weight, vascular spiders are likely to appear. Near the end of pregnancy, a mom-to-be’s immune system is highly weakened, which may provoke fungus infection or rashes. This is not a reason for concern, because these kind of rashes are not related to viruses. Still, consulting a doctor is your best bet.

It is important to keep moisturizing, massaging and nourishing your skin.

Food should be consumed in moderation. During this period, there is an especially high risk of gaining weight and over-stretching your skin.


Your face care routine should also be altered for the whole duration of pregnancy. Remember that any changes that happen with a woman’s body too often show themselves on her face.



  • Prefer hypoallergenic skin care solutions.
  • Avoid deep peeling products. Replace them with soft scrubs and nourishing masks.
  • Your hair may become drier, dimmer and more fragile. During this period, you should switch from shampoo for oily hair to shampoo for normal and damaged hair.
  • Hair loss is possible. Don’t try to save your locks using anti-hair loss products. All it will do is expose you and your baby to unnecessary chemicals. Trust me, any lost hair will grow back after giving birth. It is important not to let the hair follicles fall asleep. To prevent this, carefully massage your head skin and apply nourishing masks.
  • If your hair is dyed and you have to keep it from fading, choose ammonia-free colors. Take care to apply them to your hair only, avoiding contact with your head skin.
  • Decorative cosmetics. The modern products found in every lady’s make-up bag will do their job during pregnancy. Avoid make-up with strong scents and aggressive effects. Don’t forget to keep an eye on labels and expiry dates.


Remember “the golden rule” for any woman: enjoy your pregnancy, these beautiful days, weeks and months!

Soon these three trimesters will end, and after your baby comes into the world, a brand-new time of joy and worries will ensue…


Dr. Nona


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