Today we’ll talk about the two remaining body types: the ‘rectangle’ and ‘inverted triangle’.


The ‘rectangle’ body type is the most widespread type of female figure.

Women with a rectangle body shape have hips and shoulders that are almost identical in width, which, combined with little waist definition, makes the figure look rectangular.



First excess kilograms usually settle around the stomach and upper hips, while the arms and legs remain skinny.

Women with such a body shape are advised to limit consumption of fat foods and sweets. Though a woman with a rectangular body type is not likely to become overweight, even little excess fat on her is conspicuous.

Ladies with such a figure would profit from low-fat protein-rich food, grains, fruits, and leafy greens.


The ‘inverted triangle’ body type is an athletic build.

Women with such a body type have broad straight shoulders which are significantly wider than their hips. Their waist and hips are almost of the same size.

Any excess weight is distributed in the upper body, around the stomach, rib cage, back, neck, and arms.

Ladies with such a body shape are advised to limit consumption of sugar and fat food. We recommend eating more of complex carbohydrates: rice, grain bread, various grains, oatmeal, etc.


Be beautiful and healthy.


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