Halo Gyseen helps to:

* maintain healthy blood sugar,

* normalize blood pressure,

* lose weight,

* control hunger,

* increase potency!


Key ingredients:

Gymnema sylvestre, Olea europaea, guar gum, fenugreek, saltbush, Dead Sea minerals

Gymnema sylvestre is found in the tropical forests of India. For ages, the local inhabitants have used it for normalizing blood sugar levels. Its active ingredients (gymnemic acid) have been proved to maintain insulin production, contribute to the regeneration of pancreatic cells which synthesize insulin, and block sugar absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. Eliminates constipation and water retention, reduces inflammation caused by joint disorders or liver dysfunction, and decreases appetite!

Olea europaea has an anti-inflammatory, vulnerary and laxative effect. Olive oil is a great preventive remedy for atherosclerosis. Also used for the prevention of hypertensive disease.

Guar gum reduces appetite, keeping you feeling full.

Fenugreek has aphrodisiac properties and an antisclerotic effect. Stimulates the production of male sex hormones, including testosterone.

Saltbush is used in traditional medicine for treating a cough, gynaecological disorders and the inflammatory bowel disease.


* If you have diabetes in your family or live with diabetes yourself – this supplement is for you!

* If you don’t feel full for long – Gyseen is your magic wand!

* If you have a high blood pressure – Gyseen will normalize it!

* If you’re dreaming about losing some weight and cannot keep away from sweets, Gyseen will help you!

* If you experience problems with male potency – Gyseen is the solution!


Take 1 capsule of Gyseen twice a day before meals.


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