So how do we grow out long hair? We need to follow a number of simple rules.

Snacking on fast-food is a habit that you have to abandon. This includes minimizing or completely giving up spicy, fried, and fatty foods. Plus forget about carbonated drinks.

You need to consume more vegetable and fruit salads. But! Try to avoid mixing vegetables and fruits in one meal. Eat more greens when in season. This is because hair follicles have to be nourished and it’s essential to consume enough products rich in calcium, beta-carotene, magnesium, iodine, potassium, zinc, and chromium.

During the year, to prevent your hair from falling out or becoming fragile, you would benefit from taking one or two courses of brewer’s yeast. Brewer’s yeast is a unique source of nutrients, containing protein, microelements, aminoacids, and group B vitamins, including vitamin B7 (biotin).

If you really must have those gorgeous locks, you need to have plenty of patience. Usually, after a while, it starts to seem that everything is in vain and you become more and more open to the idea that you might as well quit and simply go to the hair salon.

You need to get hold of yourself and overcome those temptations.

Hair growth is inhibited by split ends. You have to get rid of them in due time by having your hair cut to a healthy length. Otherwise, they can make growth significantly slower. Trim your hair ends at least every three months to keep them healthy.



Regular head massages is a good way to grow your hair long and rid your organism of a general stress condition as a bonus. The most enjoyable method is to perform subtle, circular motion using your fingertips, starting behind the ears and the base of your neck and working your way up. Alternatively, once or twice during the day you can gently pull at your shorter locks. Massaging your head along a hair parting is also a nice option. Begin in the center, rubbing and kneading the skin along the line. A minute later, repeat it a centimeter away from the previous spot and then proceed around the head, alternating between the right and left sides. As we age, collagen in the hair area stagnates, so you should try “kneading your scalp” every day, that is forcing your head skin back and forth with the hands around your temples.

As you grow out your hair, you will still have to visit the hair salon. Be sure to warn your stylist, though, that at this stage you don’t need a haircut so much as a trim to get rid of the split ends.

Before washing your head at home, it’s useful to brush your hair after doing a light massage to increase blood flow to follicles. To wash growing locks, use warm water and shampoo of appropriate type. After you’ve rinsed the shampoo out, apply conditioner to your hair ends to repair the damage. If, by mistake, you apply conditioner close to hair roots, your hair will quickly become greasy and may lose volume.

Don’t rub your hair dry! After rinsing, gently dab your head with a towel and press out any remaining moisture. Then you can give your head a rinse with infusions made from chamomile, nettle, lemon balm, aloe vera juice, burdock root, or dandelion. Afterwards, don’t wash it out and wrap your head with a towel to let it dry naturally. Using nettle infusions is especially helpful to reduce hair loss, strengthen your locks, and make them longer.

The secret is in brushing your hair the right way! You need to carefully brush it once or twice each morning and night to stimulate capillaries. It’s best to choose brushes with natural bristle, except for wavy hair where it can get firmly stuck. A perfect way to deal with curls is to use a comb. For growth stimulation, you can choose a massage comb with pin bristles. It’s also important to remember that every brush or comb has an expiration date, which is usually specified on the package. For natural ones, for example, the recommended expiration date is 6 months.


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