6 types of obesity: tips and recommendations for treating each of them.


We will continue to talk about types of  obesity.


Type 3. Gluten Obesity.


Fat Distribution. Hips and buttocks. Everything else is in good, sometimes even great shape.

Causes. Hormonal Imbalance. Occurs mostly in menopausal women but may affect both genders, regardless of age.

Ways of Treatment. To treat this type of obesity, you have to avoid smoking and drinking, while trying to move as much as possible.

You need to “reset” your metabolism, or you will stand on your scales sighing for the rest of your life.

Consult your doctor and fix your hormonal system, because exercising, massages, and body wraps won’t change things radically. Moreover, visual flaws are just the tip of the iceberg. Over time, serious health issues may develop.



Type 4. Metabolic Imbalance.


Fat Distribution. Stomach and waist. To others it may appear as “chronic pregnancy”. People affected by this type of obesity usually accumulate fat around the abdomen and, thus, experience breathing problems.

Causes. Metabolic disorders. May be caused by genetics or develop as a result of overindulging in fast-food.

Ways of Treatment. A very threatening condition resulting in a variety of other health problems. The good news is that at early stages no medication is needed to deal with it.

The very first step is to quit drinking altogether. Then, follow the classic program: morning exercise, cold exposure, going to the gym once or twice a week, and a new diet. The last one implies more plant-based and less animal source food.


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