6 types of obesity: tips and recommendations for treating each of them.


Have you ever wondered why it is that you cannot lose weight even when exercising and following a strict diet?

Perhaps, the reason you fail is that you’re making the wrong efforts.


Actually, the answers lie in the type of obesity that you deal with. The areas on your body where fat accumulates define the efficient strategy for weight loss.

Let’s look into what types of obesity there are, their typical causes, and ways of treating them.

Every week we will talk about two types of obesity.



Type 1. Food Obesity

Fat Distribution. Excess weight settles evenly around the upper body, including the neck, arms, breast, and back.

Causes. Traditional, that is overeating.

You just love tasty food and you’re chewing chaotically and abundantly.Overeating is the number one cause of obesity problems worldwide. If fat accumulates evenly in all upper parts of your body, it means you consume too much sugar and, in fact, food.

You might say that this doesn’t seem to be the case: your colleagues or family members eat even more but do not gain weight so fast. You, on the other hand, eat in small portions, occasionally… What can be said?

Most probably, you underestimate the amount you eat and overestimate the amount eaten by others.

Ways of Treatment. Alas, in this world you sometimes have to say goodbye — to your hell-raising neighbors, unfaithful spouses, nasty bosses.


It’s time to “file for divorce” and leave your cutlets and cakes. Don’t look to meet them, don’t dream about them at night, don’t go on dates in shops and restaurants. And if you ever feel helplessly attracted to your regular delicacies, just remember: tasty food has cheated on you and is ruining your life. Down with the traitors!

Anyway, if you have this problem and the picture above closely resembles your side-view photographs, you would do well to follow these three simple rules:

First, drink 200-300 ml of pure water half an hour before a meal. This will help you eat less for lunch or dinner.

Second, start drinking tea and coffee without sugar (soon you’ll get used to it and even come to like it) and give up all sweets for some time.

Third, make sure you dedicate at least 30 minutes a day (every day!) to moderate physical activity. Don’t lie to yourself: promises are there to be kept.


Type 2. “Nervous Stomach”.


Fat Distribution. Lower part of the abdomen only. The breast, back, arms, and legs look pretty decent, but the “bag” in front ruins everything.

Causes. Stress or depression. Of course, being nervous per se is not enough to grow the “table muscle” on the frontal part of your trunk. You’re obviously eating more than you should, chewing away all your worries and sorrows. But these excesses have all found refuge on your stomach, trying to protect themselves from any real or seeming danger.If fat accumulates only in your abdominal area, it is caused by depression, stress, or the constant feeling of anxiety that you have to live with.

Take a closer look — if the picture above rings a bell, try not to worry about it. And, of course, don’t eat this information away. Everything is in your hands!

Ways of Treatment. Incorporate soothing teas and drinks into your diet, start going to yoga classes or massage therapy, spend more time alone in quiet places, and try to avoid the annoying factor in your life. Otherwise, any diet will be doomed.


To be continued next week…


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