Here are some of our essential recommendations on how to start a skin care routine.

  1. Golden rule! Never go to sleep with your make-up still on; it takes only five minutes to wash it off, but rest assured your time will pay off in the future.For this, we suggest using our face milk.




2. Every day we should apply face cream. If we don’t want our skin to lose its shine and elasticity, we need to nourish it with the precious beauty cocktail contained in moisturizing creams, such as our dynamic cream. Especially in our restless times, with             constant stress, lack of sleep, and poor ecology.

3. Did you know that it is at nighttime that our skin is most accessible to useful substances contained in creams? When we sleep, our face muscles are still and relaxed, while our metabolism and blood circulation are more intensive. This is why your                    daily skin care routine has to include night cream, which should be applied after face cleansing.





4. Ladies! The most important thing about make-up is not its name (brand) but its ingredients, which may include natural products or preservatives. Our goal is to improve our skin condition, not to make it worse.


Perhaps, the most important rule is regularity, caring for your skin daily to preserve its youth for many years, as well as daily exercise and self-discipline to achieve a fit body shape.

We would also like to remind you that eating a balanced diet, drinking a sufficient amount of water, and getting enough sleep should still be on your radar!

Our faces are our calling cards, so let’s start acting today!



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