Tip 1 — Clear Your Mind

This sounds hackneyed, but a lot of people find it hard to always keep it in mind. We start to chew the annoying brain gum of thoughts about all the bad things that have happened to us during the day, and we just cannot stop.

It greatly exhausts us, leads us into depression and does nothing to relieve stress.

First step – think about how you can solve your problems tomorrow. As for now, switch your attention to something else.

In the morning, when we’re fresh and full of energy, nothing seems impossible, it feels like we can take care of anything! At the end of the day, though, with the weight of tiredness and stress on our shoulders, our problems get blown to enormous proportions, as if we’re looking at them through a magnifying glass. This is when fatigue and exhaustion are at work distorting our view on many issues. You should take that into account, when considering your current state: ‘Right now I’m worn-out both mentally and physically. That’s why I can’t think reasonably about a lot of things. Therefore, I won’t think about them now’.

Of course, it’s sometimes hard to have a sober mind like that, with negative thoughts seeming to creep into your head and refusing to go away.

But there’s a little trick you can use to cheat your mind, when it’s eager to mull over a problem it deems to be of utmost importance: promise yourself you will think it over first thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up and open your eyes.

Thus, you put your mind to sleep by making it “agree” to your conditions and put off the decision. Come morning, tomorrow’s Big Problem undergoes a striking metamorphosis: it loses its significance and magnitude. Sometimes, you don’t even want to think about it anymore; put into perspective, it seems such an unimportant thing.



Tip 2 — Exercise!

Twenty minutes of medium pace running or a gym workout can bring much more benefit than the regular couple of beers from the fridge! When we exercise, our body produces endorphins, the hormones of happiness.

Working out raises our mood and strengthens our body. It far exceeds beer drinking in efficiency, the latter only lowering your ability to cope with tension.

Besides, it makes us mentally stronger: a sound mind in a sound body! This means that exercising, as well as meditation, helps us develop a long-standing ability to resist stress during the day.


Tip 3 — Listen to Music

Basically, this includes any music you like, not the kind that brings extra worries, anxiety and memories of unsuccessful love affairs… The pleasure you get from listening to music is also directly linked to the chemical processes that occur in our brain. Those are triggered by a harmonic sequence of sounds (or not quite harmonic – depends on your taste) and evoke feelings of happiness and euphoria. Even sad and dark music might sometimes put you in a better mood, provided you enjoy it.

If you’re tired and want to relax, go for something more contemplative and “engulfing”; you may not enjoy it at first, but at least you will feel at rest.

The most important thing is a proper listening position: lie down and make yourself comfortable. Try to relax and “last” this way for at least 20 minutes. Forget all your problems and don’t think about anything. Surrender yourself to the music!



Tip 4 — Start Relaxing on Your Way Home

We all know that, even if our day has not been especially nervous, a trip home can leave us feeling tired and upset. Traffic jams, reckless drivers or obnoxious pedestrians may add some stress on the way back. So when you’re headed home, make sure you turn your thoughts away from your job and current problems. Detach yourself from what is going on around you, don’t give in to the general hostility and nervous atmosphere that is felt among passengers and on the roads.

Be calm, try to suppress the impulses that make you angry at someone and get you cursing, either aloud or not. Because all this negativity can add a finishing touch to your evening picture of stress and tension, draining you of all strength.

Make a habit of telling yourself, ‘Let others make things worse by getting angry and nervous, but not me’.


Tip 5 — Smile More!

Simply do it more often! A smile is a magical thing! It can disarm anybody and discourage them from sending negative waves your way. Trust me, if you need to convince someone, barring some special cases, you won’t achieve this by “high-pressuring”, because the symbol of good will is a smile.

When under pressure, people become defensive and respond in kind; even if they know you’re right, they just can’t help it, being offended and forced to defend themselves. Negativity breeds only negativity!

Don’t be quick to reciprocate cursing and insults.

Smile and ignore it, whenever possible.

Don’t let your mind be occupied with some petty arguments.

Try to act in a way that would not let other people’s negativity stick to you: smile at rude behavior.

No, this is not to say you should turn your left cheek, when they smack you on the right one. It’s still a good thing to stand up for yourself and not let others treat you as they want. This is to suggest you should avoid pointless conflicts when encountering rude behavior on a bus, at work or in the street, regardless of whether it’s your colleague, another car driver, a random stranger etc. Whenever you can handle the situation with a smile, without bringing yourself down, unstained and having stood your ground, do so (quit with a smile, like a winner does!) instead of trying to prove something!



Tip 6 — Avoid Fights and Arguments

Remember, this is when everybody is busy doing one thing – displaying their ego, convictions and attitude. Those are not the arguments where truth is born!

Those are arguments just for the sake of arguments!


Tip 7 — Human Relationships Are Insignificant

All your relationships with strangers and intrigues have little significance and don’t deserve your attention. What your colleagues or other people think about you is their own business and point of view, which can also be distorted by the viewer’s personality.

Don’t wear yourself out trying to prove something as a matter of principle, because you won’t prove anything. Everyone will agree to disagree, and all that will be gained is a large dose of negativity.


Dr. Nona Products Recommended for Relieving Stress:


Newseen — 1 capsule in the morning;

— Baths with Salt Quartet. For relaxing in your bathtub;

Solaris body lotion — self-massage;

Halo Dakseen – 1/2 bar a day.


Be calm and imperturbable!



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