From May 18 through 22, 2017, the annual South Russian School of Directors “Mountain College 2017” took place in the Adygea mountains. This one, however, was special – it was an ANNIVERSARY South Russian School of Directors!

Traditionally, the South of Russia was represented by such cities as: Maykop, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Tuapse, Nalchik, Ust-Labinsk, Labinsk, Taganrog, Nizhny Novgorod, Sevastopol, Donbass, Oryol, Tula, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara.

Why did so many cities come to be the South of Russia? That’s because we are one big friendly Dr. Nona team!

And there were more than a hundred of us!

There were plenty of newcomers:  some of them had just reached the Director stage; others were to discover the Mountain College for the first time; and those who were not new to the school had brought their teams along, having a first-hand experience of its benefits themselves.

All boundaries were erased right on the first day, whether geographical, social, or age-related. We became one friendly team.

The first day was the start. And we made a good one, we began with the most important module – “THINKING”. The module was presented by network business professionals – Leonid Yakovlev and Irina Kuzovenko. What we did was not stock-taking – we charted the course to SUCCESS.

The next day was the most intense: we talked about the product – about the “Obvious but Incredible”. This module was presented by Lyudmila Chursina – a specialist, professional, product of our product – charming and energetic. That day we were sharing methods: for attracting, building, learning, etc. And what’s most important – that day we got the framework of the WHOLE STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM.

If you think you know it all, you’re going to be surprised – because you don’t! The whole A-to-Z step-by-step route was laid out:

– for those looking for health and beauty;

– for those looking for health, beauty, and money;

– for those who decided that dreams must come true.

The same day was the highlight for the young – active, ambitious, fearless, dedicated. The module was presented by Asya Arustamova who is all of the above. We got the answers to such questions as “How to build a young team?” and “Why do young people choose Dr. Nona?”

Still on the same day, we got to meet a WONDERFUL PERSON – THE LOVELY KOROLYOVA. We are excited, and as for what she thinks about us, you can ask her – for currently she is the business coach of the Dr. Nona team.

For three days, we were all living a set of 3 stunning training courses:

– “Confidence – Ways to Develop”;

– “Sales – Who Succeeds in Selling What and Why?”;

– “Goals – What Is Your True Goal and What Does It Mean to Win?”


There was a lot of teamwork on the third day: we were learning to hear each other, appreciate each other, finding our own values, the values of our team. We acquired effective work material – an important thing for building a team. And on that day, married couples were sharing their experience, their outlook, their results.

A family is already a team, and a family doesn’t just mean husband and wife. A family is our children, parents, relatives. And family values – support, understanding, common interests – are what makes it easier to build a business. On the same day, the Status Forum took place, an event which confirmed its super-importance and the necessity of everything that was happening.

The fourth day was given to Author Schools led by Status Leaders: wisdom, experience, results, outlook, motivation – all were handed out with generosity, from heart to heart.

The last night – the celebration dinner: emotional, adrenaline-charged, sentimental, delicious, magnificent! And………… there’s probably no such word as ‘awesometastic’, but the FIREWORKS accompanied by the “Dr. Nona – Synonym for Success” anthem combined with CAKE just cannot be described otherwise!

All school participants are deeply grateful to Dr. Nona Top-Leader, member of the President team Elena Kutimskaya and her friendly and dedicated team for organizing this event.

Surprisingly enough, we all feel that the school isn’t over… – it was just a start, it was the beginning!!!


Of course, there were the lucky ones who happened to celebrate their birthdays during the school period, and there were gifts and congratulations. However, there was one birthday everyone has remembered:

The first day of the school, our Group Director Lidiya Slynko was participating online – we watched her part on video, and the following day, on May 19, she gave birth to her son! And  to congratulate her and her baby, we cooperated to film a video clip, which we sent to her right away – Dr. Nona has no limits or bounds!

Irina Kuzovenko

Check out our photo album: Tenth Anniversary South Russian School of Directors – “Mountain College 2017”

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