2018 is already here! Traditionally, a new year at Dr. Nona begins with the Business Forum.

This year, the Business Forum didn’t just change its permanent address, but also took on a new format.


Intensive training and a rich entertaining program became a pleasing addition to the forum’s brilliant opening and the fascinating presentations held by Dr. Nona, the company’s President M. Shneerson and General Manager of the Dr. Nona company Ruth Shneerson.
The pace set on the first day was picked up by all the participants of the Business Forum.



The Business Forum is no time for rest! It is the time for learning and acquiring skills to improve the quality of the work process. Even so, the challenging tasks and training sessions prepared by the company’s Business Coach Mila Koroleva were followed by a dance party with an evening program and a Christmas service attended at Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

Happy new, intensive and interesting year!


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