On June 4, Irkutsk was celebrating a special occasion: a visit by Dr. Nona and company president Michael Shneerson!

Siberian summer. It’s 12 degrees Celsius and raining outside, but it hasn’t stopped anyone wishing to attend the occasion. A full house, half of the audience being newcomers, and what’s especially important, a lot of young people!

The event passed by in a heartbeat.

Dr. Nona’s new format presentation “The Way to Health” allowed everyone present to realize the value and significance of our product.

Easily and accessibly, our President showed all the opportunities, benefits, and prospects of being part of the Dr. Nona company.

After the event was over, words about business opportunities and wishing to join the ranks of our company were on everyone’s lips.




It was great to see how, during a short trip to Lake Baikal, almost all passers-by recognized Dr. Nona and expressed their acknowledgement to her. And it was especially pleasing to us, Siberians, to see Dr. Nona and Michael Shneerson give a bow to Baikal.

On June 5, at the Irkutsk company office, Dr. Nona was providing personal consultation, which was received by 55 people!

Meanwhile, in a nearby hall, a meeting between company president Michael Shneerson and regional leaders was taking place in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Many questions were asked but all of them met with answers and understanding.  Michael Shneerson shared the secret that lies in Nona and Michael’s success.




We’re proud to realize we are part of a worthy worldwide team, a worthy company, with a worthy future!

And we’re already working on.

Elena Kamennaya


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