On June 19, the training seminar “The Way to Health” organized by the Dr. Nona company took place at the Yahalom Theater (Diamond Theater), which is situated in the very heart of the Diamond Exchange District in Ramat Gan.

More than 400 people from various places in Israel came to listen to Dr. Nona’s advice and recommendations and get to know her original health improvement method which allows to preserve beauty, health, and vigor for many years. A pleasant surprise for everybody present in the Yahalom’s hall was the appearance of the Minister of Immigrant Absorption of Israel, Sofa Landver, Dr. Nona’s sister.

The seminar began with video clips telling about the history of the Dr. Nona company’s foundation and success. After the clips came to an end, the company president Michael Shneerson mounted the stage. With unconcealed pride, he presented to the audience “the whole big and friendly Dr. Nona family”.

‘We are happy people, because we have a huge and very close-knit family: my beloved wife Nona and I have seven children and 15 grandchildren. Besides them, we have thousands of colleagues across the world who we also see as our family members, for it has been 23 years that we’ve been working together, overcoming our crises and difficult periods together, enjoying our successes and celebrating our victories together’, the company president said and invited Dr. Nona onto the stage to a standing ovation.



‘People are living increasingly longer – this is an undeniable fact, but how joyful, productive, and healthy the second half of our life will be is for us to decide. I see that the people present here today have made their decision and are ready to start on their way to health. You have made the first and a very important step and all of you deserve praise: applaud yourselves and those who are in this hall beside you! And now, follow me – let’s get under way, to health!’ On this positive note, Dr. Nona began the training seminar.

During the seminar, Dr. Nona spoke about what is good and what is bad for a person’s organism and how, using effective high-quality products and food supplements based on the exclusive Halo Complex™ formula, we can “neutralize” the adverse effect of the environment and our bad habits, strengthen our immune system, and cleanse our organism. It’s worth noting that the seminar participants were not only attentively listening to Dr. Nona but were also writing all of her tips and recommendations down.

The audience’s attention was particularly grasped by several video clips on healthy nutrition, in which Dr. Nona offered simple and accessible menus for every day of the week. (YouTube).

‘I believe in you. All of you can make your way to health and preserve youthfulness, memory, positive outlook, and vitality until well into your retirement years. The main thing is you should remember: the Dr. Nona company is with you, and I, Dr. Nona, am with you. Each of you can ask me personally for advice, recommendations, or support at any time: I have a Facebook page where you can message me, and I will make sure to respond. Thank you for coming tonight! We will be glad to welcome you into our family – the Dr. Nona family’, thus Dr. Nona ended her speech.



At the end of the night, everyone attending the seminar participated in the prize drawing arranged by the company: the three lucky ones who won the prizes and whose names were drawn right upon the stage of the Yahalom’s hall brought home luxurious Dr. Nona product sets amounting to 1000, 1500, and 2000 shekels, respectively. Additionally, all seminar participants were able to purchase Dr. Nona products with special discounts and, of course, received a valuable gift from the company.


Photo album: Dr. Nona’s Training Seminar “The Way to Health” in Israel.

(photos provided by Dr. Nona company)


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