On June 25, 2017 in Warsaw, a long-awaited meeting took place between customers and partners of the Dr. Nona company and its founders, the people responsible for creating its brand and unique products based on the minerals of the Dead Sea – Dr. Nona and company president Michael Shneerson.



The overcrowded audience was listening to Dr. Nona’s original presentation “The Way to Health” with great love and particular attention. The highly important, relevant, and accessibly presented information left a lasting impression on both the company’s dedicated partners and the newcomers present at the meeting.

Dr. Nona presented an effective health improvement program based on a unique product containing the Halo-Complex formula created by the company and offered a 10-day diet as an essential element of the organism’s integrated recovery process.



Happy customers mounted the stage to thank Dr. Nona for their regained health. By using Dr. Nona food supplements and creams, they managed to overcome such diseases as: intestinal ulcers, brain inflammation, mammary gland tumors, etc.

Especially grateful to Dr. Nona were the customers who attended her personal consultation. Dr. Nona gained their admiration not only with her professionalism but also with her warm heart and attention, offering hope for the effective solution of their problems.

On behalf of all Dr. Nona customers and partners, we express deep gratitude, acknowledgement, and love.

We’re looking forward to meeting you again.


Pavel and Natalia Samarets




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