Create your own set from following products and get and get an additional discount


Set of 170vp get 40% off ($107.71-80.78)

Set of 110vp get 25% off ($43.56-32.67)

Set of   75vp get 20% off ($23.76-17.82)


  • Body Toning Lotion        18vp
  • Face Milk                       14vp
  • Hand and Nail Cream    15vp
  • Lovseen                         24vp
  • Shenseen Toothpaste    12vp
  • Lookseen                       28vp
  • Beauty Mask                  15vp
  • Imunseen                       18vp
  • Qurtet of Bath Salts        20vp
  • Gyseen                           28vp
  • Deodoranr Admiral         8vp
  • All Perfumes                   44vp
  • Travel  Set                      8vp


For example: Lovseen 24vp + Gyseen 28vp + 2 Shenseen 24vp = 76vp – 20% = 61vp



*50% off on Dynamic and/or Cleanseen With any purchase of 75 vp or more cannot be combine with above order

FREE Mineral Hair Conditioner With any purchase of 75vp or more



Enjoy your June with Dr. Nona fantastic products! 


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