Baby Cleansing Gel


A cleansing Halo baby gel, indispensable for daily bathing and showering. Carefully cleanses sensitive baby skin, without causing dryness and flaking. Has a softening, soothing and regenerative effect.

Baby Cleansing Gel is a new generation hygienic product with unique properties. The gel helps to:

*  preserve the water level in skin cells;

*  restores the protective barrier of dry skin;

* reduces itching and irritation in rash areas;

* performs the functions of immune regulators;

* improves the skin’s protective functions;

*  softens the effect of hard water.

With Baby Cleansing Gel, bathing your baby is a pleasure!


Key ingredients:

Dead Sea salt, Limanthes Alba seed oil, cottonseed oil, extracts: oat, chamomile flowers, aloe vera. 

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