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The Halo Complex ™

Created by nature

We have created our innovative and exclusive Halo Complex ™ formula, based on the unique powers of the archaebacterium - the found baggage of the Dead Sea. Cosmetic and health products from Dr. Nona is a product of a fundamentally new, advanced generation, which will share the power of archaebacteria with the dominant powers of the Dead Sea. The Halo Complex ™ formula is based on the old archaea - the only found form of life, created in the extreme minds of the Dead Sea. We were able to extract the natural properties of the archaea and create a new generation of products. The combination of our exclusive Halo Complex ™ formula and the healing properties of the Dead Sea gives the unprecedented efficacy of Dr. Nona products, the use of which heals the body, slows down the aging process, protects against harmful environmental influences, promotes skin regeneration and makes it possible to look younger, fresher and more cheerful.
Today Dr. Nona's catalog offers over 50 products based on the Halo Complex ™ formula with Dead Sea minerals. They are all a comprehensive solution to many problems. Cosmetics, perfumes and nutritional supplements from Dr. Nona allow us to integrate the power of the Dead Sea into our daily life and give us a sense of strength and peace.